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An Experienced Crafter

Scott has been doing custom work for over 20 years.  With an eye for detail, traditional craftsmanship, and creativity, he will take the time to ensure you have as much pride in owning the piece you receive as he does in making it.  He learned from a young age how to use and respect tools from his father, who is also a woodworker and master electrician (like Scott!).  

Tomrar is the traditional Norwegian term for a carpenter, which is fitting. Because of Scott's passion for traditional joinery techniques, the custom piece you receive will last for generations. Using as much locally sourced, locally milled lumber as possible, the pieces he makes are not only sustainable but unique. In fact, Scott has been known to knock on strangers' doors when he sees a downed tree, excited to give the wood a second life!  

 With a belief in functional art,  Scott looks forward to helping you

design a piece to fit your needs and style.  As a professional woodworker, and custom furniture maker, he enjoys testing the limits of what materials can do, and enjoys figuring out how particular items can be created in unique ways.


As a father of two, Scott looks to further what he sees as a dying skill.   Finding a quality crafts-person who takes pride in their work should not be as hard as making the piece.  In hopes of keeping the craft alive, he encourages his children to create and craft alongside him!


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